søndag 19. september 2010

My skincare and makeup routines

This is me with no makeup. I'm originally blonde, and that shows on my eyebrows!

I use the seaweed skincare range and Nutriganics day cream from The Body Shop, and I use them twice a day usually. I try to not go to bed with makeup on.

The lightest matte foundation from Makeup Store...

All in One Face Base 01 powder and brush from The Body Shop...

It looks kind of scary with just the foundation and powder

Blush from Mac, and I don't remember where the brush is from.

I smile when I put the blush on and put it at the apple cheeks, and a little on the nose and under my chin.

Eyebrow shadow and brush from The Body Shop.

I usually dye my brows with permanent colour in addition to the eyebrow shadow, since my brows are very light and I don't have so much eyebrow hair.

Eyeshadow pallette from Estée Lauder.

I put the lightest on first, all over the lid up to the eyebrow and the dark one right under the eyebone.

Waterproof black liquid eyeliner from Isa Dora...

I like to draw the line a little bit beyond the outer corner of the eye, like they did in the 1950's.

Mascaras from Helena Rubinstein. The one with leopard print is definetly the best, but it's almost empty, so I use both.

And then to the lips: I use lipliner from The body Shop, and I put it all over the lips to make the lipstick last longer. The lipstick is from Mac (Matte Viva Glam 1), an edition where all the money goes to Mac's Aids fond.

The hair was washed and rolled up in curlers two nights ago and I hadn't done anything but brushing it since then.

Small Victory Roll on the side...

Hair clip from H&M that looks very old.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your make up secrets :). I love the lipstick!