onsdag 9. juni 2010

Two new dresses!

My friend Miriam is a lovely model and the dresses are made for her measurements. I can make more of these dresses in other fabricks on orderings.

mandag 7. juni 2010

Summer, finally!

Summer has come to Norway, at last, and Petter, Miriam and I had a wonderful day in the sun in the park surrounding the royal castle in Oslo the orther day. I'm really careful about the sun, so I was all smeared up in SPF 30 and wore a big hat and sun glasses. The bikini bottom is bought at UFF and has a really high waist, and the top is a really plain one from Lindex that i altered a little with a chiffon fabric around the neck. I still haven't decided whether I'm going to be tanned or if I should just stay out of the sun. I think it looks strange with red hair and tanned skin, even though I tan very easily. What do you think?

PS: Sorry about the lack of posts lately, I will try to be better.

Latest purchases

Shoes: Bought from a girl at Underskog
Sunglasses: H&M
Earrings: Perlehuset
Purse: The market at Birkelunden, probably from the 1940's