mandag 3. mai 2010

Almost summer!

I'm trying to not wash my hair so often anymore and it really works! The red color lasts longer, the hair is getting healthier and it takes four days before it gets greasy, and before it took one and a half day! It's also easier to handle, since my newly washed hair is very flat and dull.

This is actually a half candle decoration bought at a charity shop for 5 kr (about 50 pence), fastened with bobby pins!

From H&M a couple of years ago. Very cute with buttons down the middle and very light and soft cotton fabric.

The bottom part of the tiki dress I made

From Lindex (I think it's on sale now!). It was a bit too big, so I have sewn it in on both sides. It has an old fashion style with solid "holders", in contrast to other girdles from modern chain stores that are mainly for the looks and doesn't hold the stockings up.

Fully fashioned nylon stockings from the 50's (handed down/gift from grandma). They were originally without the seam, so I sew a very tight zig zag seam along the backside and turned them inside out afterwards. I think it looks very authentic.

PS: I'm really on a budget now, so I think more home made stuff will show up on this blog very soon!

4 kommentarer:

  1. I love following your blog Pernille!
    And, you are super-talented regarding, style, imagination and designing clothes; I guess that is what I enjoy.
    How long did it take for your hair to last longer without getting greasy? I'm working on it myself..but it'll be harder as the weather becomes warmer.
    Give me a heads up if you should have time to meet up some time when you're in Larvik (mobile number on facebook)!
    Heard Maud will be back as well for summer :D

  2. I took it gradually, starting with washing it every other day, then every third and eventually every fourth day. So it took a few weeks, but not having to walk around with greasy hair more than a day.

    I'm not sure when I will come to Larvik, but I am going to the reunion party for our class at least!

  3. Would you tell me, which Hair Colour you use? Because it´s a great red shade

  4. Hmm, I think it's a good mixture now, but normally I use a brand called Tints of Nature from the health shop, and the shade that is the most red. In addition I use a tinted hair cure with lots of red pigments!