fredag 5. mars 2010

Blouse from H&M

My mom got me this blouse from H&M today, that I really love! It had a stretch band at the bottom, which I removed, so that I could tuck it into my skirt. It looks really 1940's!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I bought the same one, but with black dots :D Looks great tucked in with high waisted pants or skirts

  2. Looks super cool Pernille!
    I was a big fan of the 1930-40's fashion when I was about 17.
    I'm leaning more towards the late 1700's fashion and Victorian underwear these days ^^
    But, I definitely don't live out the fashion like you do. You're like the real deal, with a hint of modern influence.
    Guess you should check out Kappahl's "Vintage stories" collection released next month; it'll be 1950's inspired (

    Also; lucky you for going to Club forbidden!! I was supposed to go there last year (forbidden valentines) but, couldn't convince anyone to go with me. This year having a bf who isn't really into sexual/kinky culture, became a non-option :(

    Would be so great to see you and the rest (Maud, Sunniva and Kristina) again one day. I see you're still very close, kind of feel I've missed out on true friendship there :P

    - Christin.

  3. Christin! Didn't realize it was you until now! How are you? What are you doing nowadays?