søndag 14. mars 2010

Aku Aku and Birkelunden

My best friend, Miriam and I went to Grünerløkka today, a very "hipster-like" part of Oslo with lots of second hand shops and rockabilly or 50's cafés and bars. At first we went to the local sunday market where I found an old suitcase that's almost bigger than me, and Miriam found a fantastic pink faux fur coat! After the market, we went to a tiki bar called Aku Aku and shared a tropical non-alcoholic drink. At last we went to eat sushi, where I suddenly dropped a piece of sushi into the soy sauce so that it splashed everywhere!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Fin koffert! Digg drink! Kul jakke! Kjip soya..

  2. Hihi, soyaen skapte også litt moro da! Og drinken var fantastisk!

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