søndag 28. mars 2010

Some here and there photos

A picture of my lovely mom!

Earth hour

Here's some pictures from last night when we turned off all the lights in the collective for an hour to support the environmental cause. Very nice and cosy!

søndag 21. mars 2010




Felt like putting out something now, since it's a week since the last time. I have my exam in social anthropology on wednesday, so my focus these days is reading, reading and reading. Here´s a picture of me n my comfy sunday dress (from UFF) and one of me reading. Later I'm going to my friend's house to eat buns, so I should really focus now, instead of blogging....

mandag 15. mars 2010

Today's outfit

Blouse: from second hand shop, but originally from Indiska
pants: H&M 2008
hair: slept with pincurls, curling iron on the bangs
boyfriend: Petter
dog: Christian

søndag 14. mars 2010

Aku Aku and Birkelunden

My best friend, Miriam and I went to Grünerløkka today, a very "hipster-like" part of Oslo with lots of second hand shops and rockabilly or 50's cafés and bars. At first we went to the local sunday market where I found an old suitcase that's almost bigger than me, and Miriam found a fantastic pink faux fur coat! After the market, we went to a tiki bar called Aku Aku and shared a tropical non-alcoholic drink. At last we went to eat sushi, where I suddenly dropped a piece of sushi into the soy sauce so that it splashed everywhere!

Getting ready for another night out!

I got help from my boyfriend to document me getting ready for the night, and it was kind of stressful with him all over taking pictures. At the same time my best friend was also getting ready, and we both tried to drink beer at the same time. It was very fun, though.

I used a curling iron and bobby pins to fasten the curls while they were cooling down to make it hold better. You can see a glimpse of my vintage girdle that I bought at a charity shop, and the dress I wear on the last picture is from Beyond Retro i London.

Going out

tirsdag 9. mars 2010

Today's outfit

dress: Lindex
underskirt: Noa Noa
pin: Trabant
belt: from a pyjamas from Lindex
flower: a candle decoration from Mariastiftelsen (charity shop)
make up: The Body Shop

fredag 5. mars 2010

Blouse from H&M

My mom got me this blouse from H&M today, that I really love! It had a stretch band at the bottom, which I removed, so that I could tuck it into my skirt. It looks really 1940's!

Making a box and a hat

My window and sewing place

New glasses!

The other day I got my new glasses from Moods of Norway! They look a bit 50's even though they're brand new, and they come in black, brown and red. I think the red ones were really cool, but I think it would be too much with my red hair..

I also tried to color my nails letting the moons be uncovered, like they did in the 40's. To do this I used little stickers made for french manicure, and taped them over the moons instead of the nailtips.